• Rollmech Awarded With The FORD Q1

    Rollmech Automotive was found qualified for FORD Q1, an award deemed the most prestigious award of Ford. Rollmech Automotive was qualified for the ‘Ford Q1’ certificate, a high esteemed quality award of Ford. As an award dedicated to superior quality symbol across the world, Ayhan Gürbay, General Director of Rollmech Automotive received it from the hands of Murat Senir, Purchasing Director of Ford, and he said, “This achievement belongs to us all” and presented his gratitude to the whole team who contributed their best efforts to this date.

  • Rollmech Women Celebrated March 8 International Women’s Day

    Supporting women in every field, Rollmech exists with women.

  • Rollmech’s “Company of the Year Supporting Women’s Employment” Award
    As Rollmech Automotive; We are proud to receive the BUIKAD "Company of the Year Supporting Women's Employment" award. We received this precious award on behalf of all the working women who played a role in bringing the Rollmech family to where it is today, and all the male employees who have always supported us.
    It makes us proud to be a part of this journey. As Rollmech women, we would like to thank everyone and the BUIKAD Board of Directors who deemed us worthy of this award
  • Rollmech Patent Champion

    According to PatentEffect’s 2020 #patent report, we, as Rollmech Automotive, took our place among the top 10 patent champions in the field of production and construction works.

  • April 23 Children’s Day Celebrated with Enthusiasm

    23 April National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, which is traditionally held every year and has been suspended for two years due to the pandemic; It was celebrated with enthusiasm, together with approximately 400 children, consisting of Rollmech employees and their children.