• Rollmech Granted Full Marks From The IATF

    TS 16 949 standard that sets out expectations of international auto manufacturers from suppliers and comprises “A Quality Management System” was replaced with IATF (International Automotive Task Force) as a “Business Administration System”

    Another feature of this new standard among its biggest differences consists of management of preventive approach after carrying out “risk analysis” on processes.

    Inspection held by TUV for 3 days during transition process from TS 16 949 to IATF ended with success.

    We have completed a significant step in exceeding customer expectations and in Q1 process.

    This achievement belongs to us all and we thank all our personnel for their hard work.

  • Rollmech Awarded With The FORD Q1

    Rollmech Automotive was found qualified for FORD Q1, an award deemed the most prestigious award of Ford.  Rollmech Automotive was qualified for the ‘Ford Q1’ certificate, a high esteemed quality award of Ford.  As an award dedicated to superior quality symbol across the world, Ayhan Gürbay, General Director of Rollmech Automotive received it from the hands of Murat Senir, Purchasing Director of Ford, and he said, “This achievement belongs to us all” and presented his gratitude to the whole team who contributed their best efforts to this date.

  • 66th IAA Exhibition
    Frankfurt / Germany, 2015
  • Rollmech Qualified For 2nd Place In InovaLIG

    In InovaLIG 2017 contemplated in association with Turkish Council of Exporters (TIM) and IMP3rove Academy, award for second place in category“ of Innovation Sources” was granted to Rollmech Automotive. Turkcell was qualified for first prize, third price was found qualified for Maxion Jantas. This year, 971 corporations made application to the program, which was a long-term assessment.

    At the end of assessment, prizes of corporations that were found qualified were granted in a ceremony with the participation of President Mr.Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  InovaLIG assessed corporations as per innovation competency and aiming at development of innovation culture, and assessment is made by IMP3rove methodology practiced in 17 European countries and conducted by IMP3rove Academy.  Participant corporations in InovaLIG are awarded with innovation carnets both in Turkish and European standardizations.

  • IZB Exhibition
    Wolfsburg / Germany, 2016